Best Smoothie Shop in NYC


Juiceland is based in Austin, TX and has 17 locations there but recently opened its first location in Brooklyn. It was started by Matt Shook who was swimming one day and just happened to walk down the street to get a cup of carrot-apple-ginger juice and ended up applying for a job and making juice and smoothies his life’s calling.

Juiceland’s smoothies are incredible and have changed my life. The best one is the Moontower which is a mix of almond milk, banana, cacao, brown rice protein and dates. Since I’m not able to make it to Juiceland every day I’ve actually worked hard to replicate this smoothie myself and I can tell you the real trick is to add a lot of bananas. There was a period of time when I just couldn’t get it to come out the way it did at Juiceland so I started asking about the ingredients and it turns out they put about two whole bananas in a medium smoothie. That’s what gives it that thick texture that kind of reminds you of a Wendy’s Frosty (from back when I used to drink Wendy’s Frostees).

Juiceland also makes terrific food. My personal favorite dish is the CLEAN & SOBA NOODLE BOWL which is made with 100% black bean noodles, carrots, sesame seeds, kale, carrots, black bean noodles, green onions, kale, sesame oil, gluten free tamari, shitake mushrooms, rice wine vinegar and salt.