About Me


Hi, I’m Jody Kriss. I’m here to talk to you about the vegan diet. No, wait, don’t close this page yet! Hear me out for a bit.There are a lot of reasons to aspire to a vegan diet and this website just attempts to share some of them with you. One good reason is preventing animal slaughter — not just by not eating meat but also by not consuming dairy or eggs. There are no retirement homes for dairy cows and egg-laying hens. They all go to slaughter, typically before they’ve reached even half their natural life expectancy.

There are also ethical problems associated with dairy products and eggs. In order to increase the production of milk cows are kept pregnant nine months out of every year. And as a result, the dairy industry is awash with unwanted calves. And since male dairy calves are obviously unable to produce milk, and aren’t the correct breed to be raised as beef, they are generally raised for veal or slaughtered at birth. The male counterparts of egg-laying hens don’t fare any better; most of these animals are either smothered or ground up alive immediately after hatching. In the United States alone, about 200 million male chicks are discarded in this manner each year.